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Rethinking Foreign Policy: An Author Meets his Critics

Chatham House, London


Dr Amitai Etzioni, Professor of International Affairs, George Washington University
Dr Sherrill Stroschein, Senior Lecturer in Democracy and Comparative Politics, UCL
Robert Cooper, Visiting Professor, LSE
Chair: Professor Juliet Kaarbo, Professor of Foreign Policy, University of Edinburgh; Co-Director, Centre for Security Research


In his new book, Foreign Policy: Thinking Outside the Box, Amitai Etzioni sets out his thinking on foreign policy. The collection of articles aims to provoke reconsiderations of some of the basic assumptions of foreign policy. With chapters focusing on the Middle East, China and the EU, as well as others with a more global focus, the book challenges existing academic debate, especially around democracy and Western intervention.

At this event, Professor Etzioni will discuss his theories and defend his position, while other members of the panel challenge his ideas, debating and offering insights into current foreign policy thinking in international affairs with a special focus on the Middle East and the West’s perspective.

The book is part of, Insights: A Chatham House Series on Critical Issues in International Affairs, edited by Caroline Soper and published in association with Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group.

This new series will introduce, engage and challenge practitioners, academics and the general reader to new and critical thinking across a wide range of key global policy issues. In an increasingly complex and dangerous world, authoritative authors will explain, analyze and offer conclusions on the choices facing decision-makers.

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