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Rethinking Poverty Reduction in Afghanistan

Chatham House, London


Mark Bowden, Deputy Special Representative for Afghanistan, United Nations (2012-17)
Shaheer Shahriar, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, Afghanistan (2015-17)


More than one-third of the Afghan population live below the national poverty line and an estimated 9.3 million Afghans are in need of humanitarian assistance. The situation has been exacerbated by staggering levels of acute malnutrition and unprecedented levels of displacement. Despite some indications of improving economic growth in the country, poverty levels remain the same and in some cases have continued to rise.

In this context, this roundtable will consider how to ensure that the ‘global goal’ to reduce poverty reaches the most vulnerable in Afghanistan. It will consider how approaches that focus on strengthening the country’s fragile economy impact poverty levels and establish what immediate and medium-to-long-term steps are needed.

This event is co-hosted with the British and Irish Agencies Afghanistan Group (BAAG).

Attendance at this event is by invitation only.