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The Saudi Aramco Float: Political, Financial, and Environmental Implications

Chatham House, London

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The planned listing of part of the Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco) on one or more international stock exchanges is one of the big energy stories of this year and the next. There has been a great deal of speculation as to the value of this listing, anticipated at 5 per cent of the company, generally ranging between US$0.5 and US$2trillion. It could be the world’s biggest ever Initial Public Offering (IPO), yet there are questions about financial transparency, production capacity, future oil price and carbon risk that will all affect its valuation over time.

The first half of this workshop will examine the investment, political and economic implications of the floatation of Saudi Aramco and what it suggests for the future of the Kingdom’s oil policy. The second half of the workshop will examine how the valuation of the IPO as well as the investment capacity and strategies of other listed international oil companies.

Attendance at this event is by invitation only.