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Service Delivery in the Refugee Camps of Greece: Improving Delivery and Strengthening Resilience

8 November 2016 00:15 to 9 November 2016 00:15

Athens, Greece



Nearly two years since the crisis in Syria vastly increased the numbers arriving on Greek shores, Greece still lacks a plan of action for handling the flows of people fleeing war and instability.

Acute challenges include the lack of basic standards for human dignity in the refugee camps, increasing homelessness in cities, social tensions, and a worsening outlook for protection and security, especially with regard to unaccompanied minors. A longer-term response is also essential to targeting and reaping long-term benefit from aid and investment.

The workshop is a high level meeting, leading to a clear set of actions in order to improve the coordination and effectiveness of services to refugees. In particular, we aim to create partnerships that improve coordination within the camps and support long-term development objectives.

The aims of the workshop are to: build consensus on priorities for refugee welfare; identify potential pathways to removing those barriers; and raise awareness amongst European and international audiences regarding the actual state of affairs in Greece.

Attendance is by invitation only.