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The Social Contract in the GCC

11 January 2016 - 8:45am to 12 January 2016 - 1:00pm

Chatham House, London



This workshop will evaluate the ways in which the social contract – the bargain between citizens and states – is evolving in the GCC countries. A combination of academic experts, economists, policy-makers and civil society representatives will outline the main elements of the existing social contract in the different GCC countries from a variety of perspectives.

Discussions will examine the role of oil and economic structures in shaping citizen-state relations, and the ways in which this is likely to change in the light of oil-market development and economic diversification plans, with a particular focus on the social and political impact of economic transformations. Beyond the economic focus, participants will also shed light on the non-economic strategies that the Gulf states use to create a bond between citizens and states, from the institutional development of parliaments and constitutions to issues of national identity, security and the evolving role of Gulf militaries. Each session will give a brief historical overview, and discuss the drivers of change as well as elements of continuity, in order to present forward-looking analysis.

Attendance at this event is by invitation only.

The Chatham House Rule

To enable as open a debate as possible, this event will be held under the Chatham House Rule.