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Space Crisis Management: A Collaborative Approach for Europe and China

22 July 2014 - 14:00 to 15:30

Chatham House, London


Guoyu Wang, Senior Academy Fellow, International Security Department, Chatham House
Chair: Dr Patricia Lewis, Research Director, International Security Department, Chatham House



There is growing concern that threats to vital space capabilities may increase during the next decade both from natural and man-made hazards as well as from the possible weaponization of outer space. Space crisis management (SCM) involves dealing with threats before, during and after they have occurred. Any future SCM regime should be consistent with international law, based on international cooperation and would initially be shaped by soft rules.

This event will examine a collaborative approach for Europe and China on how to address risks in space crises and how to implement an effective space crisis management protocol. It will focus on the security problems arising from space debris, weaknesses of the existing space rules, the potential role of relevant soft rules, and arms control in outer space.