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State Fragility in Southern Africa: Angola, Mozambique and Zimbabwe

Pretoria, South Africa


Dr Knox Chitiyo, Associate Fellow, Chatham House Africa Programme
Dr Alex Vines, Head, Chatham House Africa Programme
Chris Vandome, Research Assistant, Chatham House Africa Programme
Chair: Stephanie Wolters, Head, Peace and Security Research Programme, ISS


The current crisis in Zimbabwe is greater than in 2008 and has significant regional and international impact. This seminar presents results of a new research paper by Chatham House’s Africa Programme on the implications of Zimbabwe’s economic reform agenda.

Much of southern Africa is also under political and economic stress. Speakers will draw out lessons from Zimbabwe for the region and discuss the impact of political trends in Angola and Mozambique on the future political landscape in southern Africa.

You will be able to view the webcast during the event here.