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Sudan's Peace Process: Creating the Conditions for Inclusive Dialogue and Durable Peace

22 March 2018 - 10:00am to 11:00am

Chatham House, London


Imam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi, Chairman, National Umma Party, Republic of Sudan
Chair: Dame Rosalind Marsden, Associate Fellow, Africa Programme, Chatham House



There has been a reduction in conflict between Sudanese government forces and armed opposition groups in Darfur, South Kordofan and Blue Nile, as well as a renewed extension of the government’s unilateral cessation of hostilities until 31 March 2018. However, little progress has been made towards achieving a durable and comprehensive solution for the conflicts in Sudan. The Road Map Agreement signed by both the government and opposition in 2016 has not been implemented and the peace process mediated by the African Union High-Level Implementation Panel on Sudan (AUHIP) is stalled, without a broadly negotiated and monitored ceasefire, or humanitarian access in opposition held areas. In addition, the national consensus government announced in May 2017 does not include much of the opposition, including the Sudan Call alliance. One of their members - the SPLM-North - has split into two, presenting additional obstacles to engaging all parties towards achieving durable peace.

Imam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi, a leading member of the opposition and former prime minister of Sudan, will discuss prospects for the peace process. Following the recent Sudan Call meeting in Paris, he will outline the measures needed to create conducive conditions for inclusive political talks, a permanent ceasefire, unrestricted humanitarian access and greater freedoms.