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Toys and the Internet of Things

Chatham House, London


John Carr OBE, Secretary, UK Children’s Charities’ Coalition on Internet Safety; Member, Executive Board, UK Council for Child Internet Safety; Adviser, European NGO Alliance for Child Safety Online


When we think of cybersecurity we don’t usually think of toys as the issue. However, sales of traditional toys in the European retail trade amounted to €15.8 billion in 2011 while toy imports amounted to €6.42 billion. The main supplier of these has been China with 90.7 % of imports. Substantial parts of this market are heading online or are already there with toys connected to the internet either via WiFi or a USB cable. A lack of foresight in relation to the security of these devices has already put children at risk.

At this event, the speaker will address privacy concerns on the ‘internet of toys’, as well as how some connected toys are raising wider questions about the appropriateness of their use in the context of child development and parenting.

This event is part of a series on the 'Internet of Things' sponsored by American International Group.

Attendance at this event is by invitation only.