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Trade and Consumers after Brexit

Chatham House London, United Kingdom


Dr Peter Holmes, Reader in Economics, University of Sussex; Director, CARIS and InterAnalysis; Fellow, UKTPO 
Prof L Alan Winters CB, Director, UK Trade Policy Observatory; Professor of Economics, University of Sussex
Sue Davies, Strategic Policy Adviser, Which?
Chair: Jim Rollo CMG, Deputy Director, UK Trade Policy Observatory; Associate Fellow, Global Economy and Finance, Chatham House


L Alan Winters will discuss the cost of living consequences of Brexit based on a RF and UKTPO paper, 'Changing Lanes: The impact of Different Post-Brexit Trading Policies on the Cost of Living’. 

Peter Holmes will then present the UKTPO’s latest briefing paper on the recent challenges facing consumers in world trade. He will stress that the classic argument that trade benefits consumers overall remains true, but that distributional issues must also be recognized. There may be instances in which the inefficient tool of import restrictions is used to address the adjustment impact of trade flows, but when this is so, the costs of these to consumers must be transparently presented and taken into account. At the same time, future trade policy must also be alert to possible constraints imposed by future trade or investment deals on using regulation to ensure consumer benefits through necessary regulation.

Sue Davies will conclude by sharing her thoughts on both papers which will be followed by a question and answer session with the audience.

The UK Trade Policy Observatory (UKTPO) is a partnership between Chatham House and the University of Sussex. The UKTPO provides independent expert comment on, and analysis of, trade policy proposals for the UK as well as training for British policymakers and negotiators through tailored training packages.

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