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Trade Trends in Latin America

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Chatham House, London


Paolo Giordano, Principal Economist, Integration and Trade Sector, Inter-American Development Bank  
Chair: Jim Rollo, Associate Fellow, Global Economy and Finance Department, Chatham House


Principal economist at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Paolo Giordano, will present the two most recent reports on trade in Latin America: Trade and Integration Monitor 2017 and Trade Trend Estimates 2018.

The reports analyse the incipient recovery underway after four years of trade contraction and focus on the challenge of competing for markets in the digital era. The analysis builds on a novel dataset designed to assess the competitiveness of Latin American firms in the global marketplace as well as on in-depth assessment of the regulatory environment of digital trade in the region.

The reports highlight that having overcome the longest trade contraction in recent history, Latin American countries face a trade outlook substantially less propitious than the one that prevailed before the crisis. The end of the commodity price boom that had sustained external demand for more than a decade, the endemic competitiveness limitations that resulted in an erosion of regional and global market shares, and protectionist tendencies that could hinder access to key markets, all raise the urgent need of implementing policies to stimulate productivity and improve the region’s competitive position in international markets, and to harness the opportunities generated by disruptive technologies such as electronic commerce.

This briefing will be a part of Chatham House’s International Financial Institution (IFI) Briefing series where institutions will share their thinking with leaders in business, government and academia.

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