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Twilight of the Liberal World Order?

Chatham House, London


Robert Kagan, Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy, Project on International Order and Strategy, Brookings Institution

Chair: Dr Leslie Vinjamuri, Associate Fellow, US and the Americas Programme, Chatham House


Does Donald Trump’s ‘America first’ rhetoric imply a US foreign policy agenda based on a limited recognition of international law norms and the traditional global order? And has this change in how the US views its global role come at a time when a number of large and medium-size powers are agitating for change in the established global hegemony?

Robert Kagan will argue that President Trump has thus far shown little interest in preserving the liberal world order. He campaigned against America’s traditional role in the world and, in his early days in office, has withdrawn from the TPP, criticized NATO and sought warmer relations with Russia.

Kagan will analyze whether the new US administration is likely to continue down this path and will ask, if the United States does indeed step back from its historical role, what will happen to the ‘liberal’ nature of the world global system order.