Past event

Research Event

Ukraine’s Economic Reforms: What Worked, Failed and Remains

Chatham House, London

Russia and Eurasia Programme, Ukraine Forum


Anders Åslund, Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council
Artem Shevalev, Alternate Board Director for Ukraine, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development; Deputy Minister of Finance, Ukraine (2015-16)


Ukraine’s economy is in need of deep structural reform. Despite diverse natural resources, a well-educated workforce and direct proximity to the EU market, poverty remains rife. 25 years of failure to reform have led to a sizeable shadow economy, endemic corruption, excessive monopolization and unattractiveness to foreign investors. Furthermore, the Ukrainian government estimates that the war with Russia has destroyed 20% of the country’s economic potential. 

The panel will discuss the economic reforms undertaken since 2013 and review what further steps are needed to restore growth, attract investment and build a solid economic foundation.