US Election 2016: Perspectives From Abroad

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Chatham House, London


Dr Michal Meidan, Associate Fellow Asia Programme, Chatham House
Professor Kevin Middlebrook, Professor of Latin American Politics, UCL
Chair: Dr Jacob Parakilas, Assistant Head, US and the Americas Programme, Chatham House

Further panellists to be announced



In the second of a three-part series on the US presidential election, this event will analyze how the US election discourse is playing out on the global stage.

The US presidential election is being watched closely by the world, with key partners of the US monitoring how the new administration will engage with them on key economic and strategic challenges. This event will look at how the rhetoric coming from both the Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton campaigns is being received on the global stage.

With Clinton’s push to create a no-fly zone over Syria, Trump’s stringent migration policy and a tough stance on trade policy coming out of both campaigns, the panel will discuss the ways in which this discourse is shaping how America is being viewed within its key partner countries and how this might affect its relationship with them following the election.

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