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What Happens if the UK Leaves the EU without a Deal?

18 July 2017 - 6:00pm to 7:15pm

Chatham House, London


Stephanie Flanders, Chief Market Strategist, JP Morgan
Rt Hon Peter Lilley, Member of Parliament Hitchin and Harpenden (1997-2017)
George Peretz QC, Monckton Chambers
Anthony Wells, Director, Political and Social Opinion Polling, YouGov
Chair: Sir Simon Fraser, Deputy Chairman, Chatham House; Adviser, Europe Programme, Chatham House; Managing Partner, Flint Global



Theresa May stated throughout the 2017 general election campaign that, following Brexit negotiations, no deal would be a better result for the UK than a bad deal would be. But with the election leading to a hung parliament and the resulting political uncertainty that it has brought, have the consequences of  the UK not reaching a deal now changed?

This event will look at the areas most immediately impacted by a no-deal scenario. In the wake of the election result, our panellists will discuss the likely legal, economic and political consequences of leaving the EU with no deal in place. They will analyse the UK public’s appetite for, and understanding of, leaving without a deal and how these public perceptions might influence Brexit negotiations.

This event is now full and registration has closed. An audio recording will be made available shortly after the event has taken place.