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What’s Transforming the Energy Sector?

Chatham House, London


Professor Tomas Kåberger, Professor of Industrial Energy Policy, Chalmers University of Technology; Chairman of the Board, Japan Renewable Energy Foundation

Professor Catherine Mitchell, Professor of Energy Policy, University of Exeter

Antony Froggatt, Senior Research Fellow, Energy, Environment and Resources, Chatham House


There is growing recognition that the energy sector is in a period of transformation driven by changing consumer awareness and engagement, government policies to decarbonize and falling costs of new technologies.  

Many of the assumptions made less than a decade ago about the types of energy investment, and therefore the future supply mix, have been shown to be inaccurate. This is most visible in the electricity sector, where there has been an unprecedented level of deployment of renewable energy particularly solar PV and wind, and a slowdown in the growth in consumption.

Over the last decade Europe has been the world leader in the deployment of renewables but recently it has been overtaken by countries in Asia. These new supply and demand technologies are affecting the revenues of traditional electricity producers to such an extent that many large power companies in Europe are developing different business models.

This event will discuss the rise of renewable, energy efficiency and other technologies, the impact that these are having on traditional utility companies and the implications for the sector globally.

This event is open to corporate members only.

The event will be followed by a reception.