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Will TTIP Happen?

Chatham House, London

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Jeffries Briginshaw, Managing Director, British American Business
Shawn Donnan, World Trade Editor, Financial Times
Chair: Jean-Pierre Lehmann, Professor Emeritus of International Political Economy, IMD


When negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) began last July, political leaders on both sides of the Atlantic hailed the potentially transformative economic benefits, such as the reduction of non-tariff trade barriers and customs duties.

But so far progress has been slow and hampered particularly by the lack of an agreement in the US Congress to grant so-called ‘fast track’ negotiating authority to the president. In addition, the increasing interest from civil society in TTIP and its transparency issues, and the potential risk for environmental, labour and social standards, could further reduce the political impetus behind the negotiations.

The expert panel will discuss how the ambition of TTIP can be realized given the complexity of US-EU economic relations and whether negotiations are now heading towards a watered-down agreement.