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Yemen: Stemming the Rise of a Chaos State

Chatham House, London


Peter Salisbury, Associate Fellow, MENA Programme, Chatham House; Author, Yemen: Stemming the Rise of a Chaos State


Devastated by an on-going civil war, Yemen now risks becoming a 'chaos state', geographically and socially fragmented, and with divides further aggravated by the interference of regional and international groups. 

Based on field research in Sana'a, Sa'dah and Aden, a new Chatham House research paper maps out the key players and frontlines in the Yemen civil war and examines how the international community can contribute to building sustainable peace in Yemen. Its author, Peter Salisbury, will present his findings and make the case that engagement with local non-state actors who are party to the conflict - as well as developing a deeper understanding of the interplay between the many allegiances and rivalries involved in the conflict - are crucial to building sustainable peace in Yemen. 

Attendance at this event is by invitation only.