In conversation with HE Dr. Bisher Al Khasawneh, Prime Minister of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Join us to examine Jordan’s evolving role in the Middle East.

Jordan’s strategic significance in the broader Middle East is clear. As a neighbouring country to Israel, Palestine, Iraq, and Syria, it hosts over 740,000 refugees who have fled from those conflicts.

Jordan has been consistent over the years with its warnings that Israeli treatment of Palestinians could lead to violence. Since 7 October and the following Israel’s declaration of war on Hamas, Amman has called for an end to the violence. Indeed, Jordan’s resolution to the UN, which called for an immediate, sustained humanitarian truce leading to cessation of hostilities between Israel and Hamas was adopted on 27th October and was adopted by a vote of 121 to 14 (with 44 abstentions).

Jordan and Israel’s relations have reached a low point. Jordan expelled the Israeli ambassador in November and the Prime Minister told Jordanian state media that “all options are on the table for Jordan in our dealing with the Israeli aggression on Gaza and its repercussions”.

Please join us for this critical conversation including:

  • What might ‘the day after’ look like? 

  • How is Jordan working to avoid regional escalation of this conflict? 

  • What steps must be taken in order to secure a lasting peace? 

  • How is the conflict affecting the economy of Jordan and the region? 

  • What is the future of Jordan’s role in the region?

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