Business Briefing: Elections 2024 and their implications for companies and investors

Please join us for this critical conversation around the risks, challenges and opportunities for business presented by this year’s elections.

Partner and major corporate event
26 February 2024 — 11:45AM TO 1:00PM
Chatham House

2024 is a bumper year for democracy. Pivotal elections will be held in over 60 states, covering almost 50 percent of world population and an outsized chunk of global GDP. Whilst polls will be held widely, not all elections are equal. Powerful, democratic, multi-party states such as the US, UK, and India are hosting competitive ballots that will plot their course domestically and internationally. Meanwhile, in other countries, dictators and one-party regimes will use elections to grant the pretence of a popular mandate.

Despite more people voting in 2024 than ever before, in several states democracy itself appears to be on the ballot, with polarising, populist leaders on the rise globally. And leaders and governments of all types appear to be more interventionist and volatile in policy-making than in recent memory.

Please join us for this crucial discussion covering:

  • What are the business-related geopolitical risks inherent in increased polarisation and democratic decline?
  • Which are the most important elections for multinational companies and investors to keep a close eye on, and why?
  • What might a second Trump presidency mean for global business?
  • Where do some of the challenges faced by political leaders – for example the disinformation threat of AI, or “culture wars” – intersect with those faced by businesses?