In conversation with Park Jin, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Korea

Join us to examine South Korean foreign policy and security in the Indo-Pacific.

Partner and major corporate event Invitation only
27 September 2023 — 3:00PM TO 4:00PM
Chatham House

Since he was elected in 2022, the administration of President Yoon Suk Yeol has been pushing to elevate the Republic of Korea’s role as a ‘global pivotal state’, as well as a key US ally in Asia.

Relations with China have experienced strains following a landmark military and intelligence sharing agreement with the US and Japan, announced in August 2023. The Republic of Korea is also struggling to balance the need to protect its critical technology sector from Chinese competition, while maintaining access to China’s market.

During this conversation about the Republic of  Korea’s foreign policy Park Jin, Minister of Foreign Affairs, will discuss:

  • What is the outlook for Sino-Korean relations and how can challenges and opportunities be balanced?

  • How will renewed relations between Pyongyang and Moscow affect South Korean diplomacy?

  • How can the Republic of Korea make its voice heard in an increasingly multipolar world?

  • Will the ‘global pivotal state’ policy continue to foster warm relations between the Republic of Korea and Japan?