Director’s Briefing: Post-election briefing from the ‘mother of democracy’

Join us for this crucial examination of the implications of India’s election for the country’s politics and economic outlook.

Partner and major corporate event Invitation only
6 June 2024 — 11:45AM TO 1:00PM
Chatham House

The size, scale, and importance of the upcoming Indian general elections cannot be overstated. Over 950 million voters have the chance to cast their ballots in biggest democratic poll in history. The impact of these elections will reverberate far beyond the Indian Parliament, Lok Sabha. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is hoping to secure a historic third term for the BJP and increase his majority over the fragile and fragmented opposition INDIA coalition.

The Indian economy is predicted to be the third largest globally by the end of the next parliament and economic growth is the largest amongst all the major economies, continuing to impress investors. Despite the government’s record of economic expansion, many members of civil society warn of creeping authoritarianism and the threat of Hindu nationalist majoritarianism to Indian society.

Please join us for this critical conversation where we will discuss:

  • What is the current condition of Indian civil society and to what extent has this election been both free and fair?
  • How might worries around democratic backsliding continue to affect Indian relations with key Western partners?
  • How might this election shape the economic policy, and should business expect change or continuity?
  • What might the cementation of Hindutva ideology with a possible Modi third term affect relations with key partners and neighbouring states?