Consolidating Europe’s contribution to Indo-Pacific security

This event provides European officials and analysts the opportunity to discuss how their respective countries can meaningfully contribute to security in the Indo-Pacific, together and with Japanese colleagues.

Research event, Roundtable Invitation only
9 March 2023 — 9:00AM TO 12:00PM

Stability in Asia matters to Europe, with strategic and economic interests at stake in the Taiwan Strait but also the Korean Peninsula and the South Pacific, as well as concerns regarding regional challenges to the rules-based international order.

The simultaneously worsening security situations in Europe and Asia provide Europeans with a double challenge. On the one hand, they need to provide support to Ukraine and invest significantly in the security of their continent and neighbourhood – also backfilling for the United States, which is increasingly turning to the Indo-Pacific. On the other hand, they want to get more involved in Asian security in order to strengthen regional and global stability. 

Important European stakeholders – individual European states, the European Union, NATO – can contribute to Indo-Pacific security by meaningfully deepening their relations with regional partners and their presence in the region. Limited means and competing priorities reinforce the need for efficient cooperation with like-minded partners, within Europe and beyond.

  • In the current context, what useful security contribution can Europe make in the Indo-Pacific?
  • How can Europeans work better together and with regional partners, such as Japan?

This closed-door roundtable, organised with the support of the government of Japan, is the third event in a multi-year Chatham House project exploring prospects for European engagement in Indo-Pacific security.

It provides European officials and analysts with the opportunity to discuss their respective assessments, priorities, and concerns regarding Indo-Pacific security, together and with Japanese colleagues.

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