Ukraine’s presidential race is not over yet. But Volodymyr Zelenskiy, a political ingenu, scored a comfortable victory in the first round with a lead of over 15 per cent and cross-country support. With no policy agenda, but heavy use of television and internet marketing, Zelenskiy has torn up the Ukrainian politics rulebook. But Petro Poroshenko will not give up what he sees as an incomplete presidency without a fight.

This webinar will focus on reviewing results of the second and final round.

What were the main features of this electoral campaign? What do voting preferences reveal about the main issues confronting Ukraine? How will the results influence parliamentary elections in October 2019? And most importantly, what will the likely presidency of Zelenskiy mean for Ukraine’s domestic tumult and its foreign policy challenges?

Please note, this event is online only. Invited participants can watch webinars from a computer or another internet-ready device and do not need to come to Chatham House to attend.


Orysia Lutsevych, Research Fellow, Russia and Eurasia Programme and Manager, Ukraine Forum, Chatham House