Events explained

Chatham House provides a unique forum in the heart of London where world leaders, policy-makers and opinion-formers can be heard and their views discussed in an impartial environment.

Members events

Each year, Chatham House organizes and hosts around 120 events ranging from major policy speeches from heads of state and government representatives to discussions involving influential authors, academics, policymakers from across a vast range of subjects in international affairs. Such events are normally on the record and are open to all Chatham House members.

In addition to the more conventional keynote speech events, we also regularly convene the following sub-categories of members events:

  • Lectures: We run several regular and annual lectures with the aim of contributing to public debate about contemporary political issues. Speakers are distinguished academics or policymakers, and chosen due to their depth of expertise on an issue.
  • Panel discussions: Our panel sessions bring together several renowned speakers with different perspectives on an issue, offering the audience a thought-provoking discussion that thoroughly analyses a topic from many angles.
  • Receptions: Each month we host a number of post-event networking receptions to allow our members to meet speakers, staff and each other. In addition, we host a summer and Christmas party for members and two new members’ receptions each year.
  • Webinars: Short, online-only talks and discussions analysing major international topics, which allow participants to ask questions and stay up-to-date on key issues from the comfort of their own homes and offices.

Corporate members events

Corporate members have full access to all members events as well as special series tailored exclusively to their level of membership:

  • Corporate Leaders Series: An in-depth discussion series, each event features insights from a CEO of a major international corporation. Open to all nominees from our partners and major corporate members.
  • Directors Breakfast Briefing: Chaired by our director, Dr Robin Niblett, these intimate roundtable discussions with high-level speakers are open to senior executives from our partners and major corporate members.
  • Nominees Breakfast Briefing: Open to all nominees from our partners and major corporate members, these roundtables feature our research programme staff and associate fellows who share their latest research and expert analysis of current affairs.

Invitation only events

Roundtables: An invited group of participants agree on a specific topic to discuss and debate, with each person given an equal right to participate.

Open to everyone

Conferences: Chatham House hosts one- and two-day conferences on key global issues, featuring high-profile speakers and exclusive insights. Conferences are open to the public and subject to a registration fee. Panels are held under the Chatham House Rule.

Research Event: Throughout the year, the institute’s research programmes convene many events featuring policymakers and experts in their areas. Many of these events are open to interested members of the public, who can register their interest in attending, including: 

  • Workshops: Practical sessions for participants to learn more about a subject through discussion or related activities, or to feed into developing research project work
  • Simulations: Immersive experiences in scenario planning and simulation exercises, to help participants build greater resilience and preparedness in an uncertain and interdependent global environment.

Special Events: Chatham House also organizes other events throughout the year, including the annual Chatham House Prize ceremony and dinner and the London Conference.