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Research Event

Accounting for Growth in the Eurozone

Chatham House, London

International Economics Department

Event documents

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Employment and Productivity Dynamics in Europe: An Assessment of the Lisbon Strategy Carlo Altomonte, Associate Researcher, ISPI; Assistant Professor of Economics, Bocconi University
pdf | 296.42 KB
The Long Term Economic Performance in Germany, Ognian N. Hishow, Free University, Berlin; Researcher Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP)
pdf | 250.73 KB
Dispersion of real GDP growth across the euro area countries, Franco Bruni, Vice President ISPI; Full Professor of International Monetary Politics, Bocconi University
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This seminar examined sources of economic growth in four large eurozone countries, (Germany, France, Italy, Spain), looked at their experiences over the past 25 years, and considered long-term effects of rising divergences in the context of EMU. Is EMU responsible for increasing divergences over the 1999-2006 period? Has further economic integration generated benefits and opportunities? Is there evidence of the structural trade-off between productivity and employment growth, to which the Lisbon Strategy provisions seem to make implicit reference?