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Research Event

The Expansion of China and India: Impact and Consequences for Japan, UK and the World Economy

Chatham House, London

Event documents

pdf | 130.65 KB
India and China: Investment and Development Strategies, Stephen Thomsen
pdf | 139.1 KB
India and China: Trade, Investment and Development Strategies, Shujiro Urata
pdf | 106.2 KB
Is China's Current Growth Rate Sustainable? Chi Hung Kwan
pdf | 131.01 KB
Developing Country Multinationals: a new geography of world business? Andrea Goldstein
pdf | 774.34 KB
Prospects and Conditions for Long-run Economic Growth in India, Makoto Kojima
pdf | 182.9 KB
The Expansion of China and India: Impact and implications for Europe and Japan, Sahoko Kaji
pdf | 648.02 KB


The workshop focused on the expansion of China and India and its implications for Japan, UK and the global economy. By bringing the Japanese perspective to Europe, it was possible to generate a very useful exchange of ideas and experience.

The aim of the workshop was to devise key lessons for Japan and Europe, on how to best benefit from and work with these new rising economic powers, and how to maintain a competitive edge. Panel discussions focused on trade, investment and development strategies of India and China; the sustainability of India's and China's current growth rates sustainable; and the impact and implications for Europe and Japan.