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Truth Recovery in Northern Ireland - Lessons from Latin America

20 March 2007 - 11:00 to 13:00

Chatham House, London


Chairman: Mr Andy Carl, Executive Director, Conciliation Resources


Prof Kieran McEvoy, Healing Through Remembering
Kate Turner, Healing Through Remembering
Mr Gareth Higgins, Healing Through Remembering


Dr Cath Collins, Chatham House
Dr Todd Landman, Human Rights Centre, University of Essex



The question of truth recovery and accounting for human rights violations at times of political transition has been faced the world over, and Latin America was the first region of the world to produce 'truth commission' models as one method of coming to terms with the aftermath of violence and the human cost of conflict. Northern Ireland is currently grappling with similar issues in the context of the peace process, and this event forms the latest in a series of meetings looking at what can be learned from Latin American experiences.

Representatives from the Belfast-based NGO Healing Through Remembering will present a major new study considering alternatives for truth recovery in the Northern Ireland peace process. Commentators will discuss how these models have been shaped by Latin America's past experience, and what the current status of truth and justice debates in the region leads us to conclude about how, and how best, to tell truth and do justice.