Futures for Cuba

27 March 2007 - 6:00pm to 7:30pm

Chatham House, London


Chairman: Gordon Meldrum Baker, Chatham House Associate Fellow
Emily Morris, Economist Intelligence Unit
David Jessop, Executive Director, Caribbean Council/ Cuba Initiative
Dr Tony Kapcia, Director, Cuba Research Forum, University of Nottingham



This is a panel meeting and discussion.

Recent speculation about the state of health of an ageing Fidel Castro, combined with various radical overhauls of the Council of State and Communist Party, all suggest that Cuba is preparing itself for an unprecedented period of transition. What will a post-Castro Cuba look like? Will Fidel's younger brother Raúl successfully manage the smooth handover of power which appears to be the regime's intention, or will internal or external actors seize the opportunity to push for change?

The panel will offer views from their own vantage points as to how Cuba's place in the region, and on the world stage, may change in the near future. There will be ample opportunity for discussion and questions.