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Squaring the Circle in North Korea: Pyongyang Strives for 'Economic Miracle' (Domestic Politics and Socio-Economic Realities)

6 December 2007 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm

Chatham House, London


Speaker: Leonid Petrov
Chair: Jim Hoare



Lunch will be served from 12:30-13:00. There will be a £10 charge.

The talk will draw heavily on the findings of a recent visit to the DPRK by Dr Petrov. The talk will also be followed by a screening of Pak Sang-Bok's 1991 film 'Girls in My Hometown' (subtitled in English). The film screening will take place from 14:15-16:15.

Speaker Details:

Leonid Petrov graduated from St Petersburg State University (1994) in Russia, where he majored in History of Korea. He obtained a PhD in History at the Australian National University (2003) in Canberra.

Professor Petrov has considerable experience of practical and academic work in Korea. In 2003-2005 he conducted post-doctoral research at the Academy of Korean Studies in Seongnam, and lectured on the history of North-South Korean relations at the Intercultural Institute of California in San Francisco. Professor Petrov taught Korean Economy at the International Summer Academy for Korean Studies at Keimyung University in Daegu (2006).

Currently, he works on the Australian Research Council project 'Historical Conflict and Reconciliation in East Asia' and cooperates with the French CNRS-EHESS project 'North-South Interfaces on the Korean Peninsula'.