Past eventParliamentary Briefing

Pakistan in Crisis: Policy Implications for Britain

26 February 2008 00:00

Chatham House, London


Dr Gareth Price, Head, Asia Programme, Chatham House; formerly South Asia Analyst, Economist Intelligence Unit and Political Risk Analyst, Control Risks Group
Dr Farzana Shaikh, Associate, Centre of South Asian Studies, University of Cambridge and Associate Fellow, Asia Programme, Chatham House; currently working on a book to be published in mid-2008, Making Sense of Pakistan
Chair: Lyse Doucet, BBC and Chatham House Council Member



This briefing will assess a range of key developments in Pakistan that are of direct importance to the UK. The speakers will consider the following issues in light of the parliamentary election, postponed following the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, and held on 18 February.

  • Role in the 'global war on terror' - what are the implications of developments within Pakistan for its engagement both in Afghanistan and in the border regions between the two countries?
  • Militancy - the link will be made between the stabilization of Afghanistan (which is dependent on reining in militancy) and the normalization of relations between Pakistan and India (the absence of which will always tempt Pakistan to use militant groups to try and impose its will in Kashmir).
  • Radicalization - the impact of the developments in Pakistani politics on issues of radicalization, both in Pakistan itself and in diaspora communities in the UK, will be assessed.
  • President Musharraf and the army - how much has the position of President Musharraf been weakened in recent months and what are the likely consequences of the public emergence of new army chief General Kayani's this year?

Please note these Briefings are for MPs and peers only.