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Preview Film Screening: Beaufort by Joseph Cedar

6 March 2008 - 5:30pm to 8:30pm

Chatham House, London



Foreign Language Oscar nominee for 2008

Running time: 125 mins / 17:30 arrival for a 18:00 start.

Beaufort tells the true story of Liraz Liberti, the barely-of-age outpost commander, and his troops, prior to Israel's pull-out of Lebanon at the end of the first Lebanon war. Under a relentless aerial bombardment of Hizbullah rockets, Liraz's authority is challenged on both sides: by strained soldiers who increasingly become weary of their mission's purpose and uncooperative superiors.

When bomb specialist Ziv loses his life, 19-year-old Zitlawi dies in a missile attack, and Oshri, Liraz's most loyal soldier and only friend, is brutally injured in a bombing, Liraz finds it more and more difficult to justify the casualties to his men and himself. The agony ends when Liraz gets the final order to evacuate and the famed Beaufort outpost is blown to pieces with six tons of explosives - burning up the sky over Lebanon.

Rather than deliver a political commentary on the Middle East, Beaufort - offers a rare insight into the human reality behind the tough exterior shell of the Israeli Defence Force as told by a soldier who served in Lebanon.