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Growth Finance: Giving Small and Medium Sized Businesses in Poor Countries Access to Finance

3 March 2009 - 8:00am to 9:45am

Chatham House, London


David Irwin, Partner, Irwin Grayson Associates
Jurie Willemse, Director, GroFin
Richard Laing, Chief Executive, CDC Group plc
Chris West, Director, Shell Foundation



This event is being organized in association with CDC Group plc and Shell Foundation.

Small and medium sized enterprises in developing countries typcially face the challenge of accessing the skills and finance required to help them grow. While microfinance targets the needs of informal micro-enterprises, and larger companies can more easily attract different types of finance, start-up and growing businesses are often un-banked. This creates a 'Missing-Middle', and countries miss out on a major driver of sustainable economic growth and job creation.

At this event we will review the development of Growth Finance, what differentiates it from other asset classes, and why it offers an attractive opportunity for investors.

This event is by invitation only.