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'War on Terror' - The Idea, The Reality

6 May 2009 - 5:30pm to 6:30pm

Chatham House, London


Professor Philip Bobbitt, Herbert Wechsler Professor of Jurisprudence, Columbia Law School; author, Terror and Consent: The Wars for the 21st Century
Chair: Dr Paul Cornish, Head, International Security Programme, Chatham House and Carrington Chair in International Security



The speaker, one of the US's leading constitutional theorists, will discuss the relevance of the 'war on terror'. More than six years since the United States proclaimed a 'war on terror', the speaker will ask are we still at war? And did this notion ever make sense? Professor Philip Bobbitt has previously served as Associate Counsel to the US President, the Counselor on International Law at the State Department and Senior Director for Strategic Planning at the US National Security Council.