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Sri Lanka: Winning the Peace

Chatham House, London


Charu Lata Hogg, Associate Fellow, Asia Programme, Chatham House
Alan Keenan, Senior Analyst, International Crisis Group


The Sri Lankan government has claimed victory and an end to its campaign against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). But does a military victory mean an end to the ethnic tensions that created the LTTE? With over 8000 Tamil civilians dead since January, thousands more wounded and maimed and some 300,000 displaced, the endgame has been bloody. The conflict has not only brought with it human rights violations, it has also weakened the rule of law, political pluralism, and civil liberties, with a government and military increasingly beyond legal accountability. This increasing violence has also seriously undermined press freedom in Sri Lanka. The speakers will address whether the Sri Lankan government can rebuild a country torn by decades of violent conflict, repair relations between the ethnic communities and discuss what the future holds for Tamil political movements.

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