Past event

Research Event

The Frameworks for Elections in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, the Palestinian Authority and Syria

Chatham House, London

Middle East and North Africa Programme


Speakers: Michael Meyer-Resende, Democracy Reporting International
Dr Mahjoob Zweiri, Centre for Strategic Studies, University of Jordan
Chair: Richard Muir, Chairman, Sir William Luce Fund


It is generally assumed that elections in the Southern Mediterranean largely lack credibility, that they are managed events used by political elites to gain as much political legitimacy with as little challenges to the status quo as possible. This assumption is not wrong, but it is too simplistic.

By presenting their findings of a six-month research project, the speakers will address this assumption as well as look at potential roles for the EU in promoting electoral reform agendas. To support electoral processes successfully, it will be argued that strategies need to be built on an analysis of each country in question.

This event is jointly organized with the EuroMeSCo Secretariat.


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