Past event

Invitation Only

Institutionalizing Interdependence: External EU Governance in Energy and the Environment

Chatham House, London

Energy, Environment and Resources Department


Energy and the environment both involve the European Union in relations of interdependence with non-member states. Increasing reliance on energy imports means that the EU must find ways of increasing coherence in its relations with a diverse set of producer and transit countries such as Russia, Algeria, Egypt, Ukraine and Turkey. The trans-boundary nature of many environmental problems is something EU policy makers also need to address.

In response to these concerns, the EU's strategy is to use external governance to encourage a common regulatory area of shared trade, transit and environmental rules which will facilitate well-functioning regional and inter-regional markets. While this strategy of influence makes theoretical sense, its use in practise raises a number of critical questions that this seminar will aim to address by drawing on case studies conducted as part of a major research project.

Attendance at this event is strictly by invitation only.

This event is jointly organized by Strathclyde University and the Energy, Environment and Development Programme at Chatham House.