New Transnational Security Challenges and Responses

11 November 2009 00:00

Chatham House, London


Keynote Speaker: Bogdan Aurescu, Secretary of State for Strategic Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Romania



This will be the second workshop of the European Security and Defence Forum (ESDF), recently established to examine the shifts and developments in European security and defence policies. The ESDF aims to raise the level of the public security and defence debate in the UK and Europe and to encourage cross-disciplinary policy-focused analysis in defence and security. A key component of this initiative is to engage younger academics and analysts, enabling new UK and European voices to be heard at a time of considerable change in European security and strategic thinking.

The twenty-first century brings with it increasingly complex and ever more urgent security challenges including new forms of violent conflict, international terrorism, organised crime, cyber security and even natural disasters. The challenges inherent in addressing issues of this scope and magnitude create problems of pressure, consensus and budget. Are these challenges understood comprehensively at both the national and European level? Are the necessary responses available - policy, military, intelligence and industrial - and are they fully and efficiently integrated? And is there a dynamic research and technology development base ready to provide innovative and appropriate security and defence policy solutions?

In an effort to develop fresh thinking on these questions, this workshop sought contributions from younger analysts and scholars from across the world, 8 of whom have been selected to present their papers at this event.

Attendance at this event is by invitation only.

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