Past event


Afghanistan: Is it Mission Impossible?

Chatham House, London


Lindsey German, Stop the War Coalition<br />
Brigadier Buster Howes, Head of Overseas Operations, Ministry of Defence<br />
Eric Joyce MP, former aide to the Defence Secretary<br />
Dr John Mackinlay, King's College London<br />
Ambassador Francesc Vendrell, former EU Special Representative to Afghanistan<br />
Chair: Eddie Mair, Presenter, PM, BBC Radio 4


In October 2008 a BBC Radio 4 poll suggested that 68% of Britons wanted to see UK troops withdraw from Afghanistan within 12 months. A year later, troops remain in theatre and it seems to many people that the UK is more mired in the conflict than ever. An expert panel will debate the case for the UK's continued military presence and give their views on whether the attempt to create a stable Afghanistan is achievable.

The recording of this event will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 from 20.00 to 20.45 on Wednesday 7 October.

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