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China: The Shift from Overseas to Domestic Consumption - the Challenges and Opportunities

12 November 2009 - 2:00pm to 5:00pm

Chatham House, London


Eric Thun, Peter Moores Lecturer in Chinese Business Studies, Said Business School, University of Oxford
Benjamin Schmittzehe, CEO, Schmittzehe & Partners China Advisory
Duncan Hewitt, Correspondent Shanghai, Newsweek
Chair: Dr Kerry Brown, Senior Fellow, Asia Programme Chatham House



China's meteoric economic rise has largely been driven by Western consumer desires and the lure of cheaper production and labour costs available in China. Over the last decade, China has seen the emergence of a vast middle class whose consumer desires have fuelled domestic consumption resulting in huge demand for white goods and cars to luxury brands and holidays. What impact will this all have on the local manufacturing scene and providers of services? How will companies adapt and tailor their goods to suit the local Chinese consumer and at what cost?

This seminar is organized by the Asia Programme in conjunction with Schmittzehe & Partners China Advisory and Chopsticks Club.

Ticket price: £45.00 (£35.00 for Chatham House and Chopsticks Club members).

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