The Challenges of Russia's Business Environment: Speaking from Experience

30 November 2009 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Chatham House, London


Louis Skyner, Petroleum GEO-Services ASA
Ronald Freeman, formerly EBRD
Charles Hecker, Control Risks
Simon Renton, Norton Rose
others tbc



This half-day seminar aims to gather expert political analysts, economists, and, crucially, representatives of companies which have direct experience of investing and working in Russia. The seminar will consist of three panels. The first will examine the so-called 'strategic sectors' of the Russian economy, the second non-strategic sectors and portfolio investment, whilst the third, synoptic, session will seek to draw out some broad conclusions regarding the rules of the game which structure Russia's business environment.

This event will be held off the record.

Attendance is by invitation only.

For more information please contact Alex Nice.