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Urbanisation, Social and Political Threats to Supply Chain Sustainability in Sub-Saharan Africa

25 February 2010 00:00

Chatham House, London


Thomas Cargill, Assistant Head, Africa Programme, Chatham House
Martin Cooke, Chairman, Procurement for Development Forum
Andrew Emmott, TWIN
Spencer Henson, IDS
Naomi Jefferies, Economist, HM Treasury
Peter Stedman, The Body Shop International
Dr Mary Tiffen, Drylands Research



Previous Forum meetings of the Procurement for Development Forum have concentrated on how the activities of purchasing by UK and other developed countries can influence development outcomes in sub-Saharan Africa. This meeting will look at how African demographics could affect supply chain stability for northern purchasers.

To hone in on these issues, there are a number of questions and issues for the Forum to discuss, namely:

  • What will the consequences of these demographic changes be on food supply chains?
  • Will urbanisation change patterns of agriculture, and if so how?
  • Will the demands of an increasingly prosperous and urbanising Africa pull supply away from ex-Africa export markets? Or will more efficient agriculture look more toward the north than it does now?
  • Are there ways that the Forum might engage with this change to facilitate better development outcomes through creating export sector jobs and income?

This event is part of the Procurement for Development Forum.

Attendance is by invitation only.