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China and India: How Will They Remould The International Order

19 April 2010 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm

Chatham House, London


Prem Shankar Jha, author, Crouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger
Chair: Dr Gareth Price, Head, Asia Programme, Chatham House



In 1979 and 1992, respectively, China and India began to record some of the fastest economic growth in history. The speaker will consider whether both countries, and China in particular, will come to dominate the world economy if they are able to sustain similar rates of growth for the next two decades, and if so, how this will affect the international order. He will argue that projected growth is not necessarily a given - this history of capitalist development in the West has shown that economic growth creates new winners and losers. It becomes sustainable only when a country develops political institutions that allow society to reconcile the interests of all its members. China's and India's contrasting responses to the global recession have pushed both of them further away from long-term political stability. Their impact on the future international order therefore remains uncertain.

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