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Trade, Financing and Climate Change: Towards a Positive Agenda for Developing Countries

13 May 2010 - 12:00am to 14 May 2010 - 12:00am

Chatham House, London



This conference will focus on key components under the trade and climate change policy agenda: competitiveness, scaling up renewable investment, piloting large-scale low carbon development in emerging economies and the role of intellectual property rights in innovation and technology transfer. Looking to the future, it will also map out important emerging issues, including the relationship of energy pricing to the trade and climate debate.

Trade and investment can play a key role in facilitating the worldwide transition to a low carbon economy through creating new market incentives. Increased trade and investment can also engender stronger ties and promote collaboration on research and development. It can help upgrade existing facilities, foster competition in the host country, bring in new technology and facilitate its dissemination, and provide more know-how in today's more knowledge-intensive production processes. Transition to a global low carbon economy would require rapidly piloting and implementing new approaches to creating large-scale investment flows towards low-carbon developmental paths. It is also critical to remove barriers to trade and investment in climate-friendly goods, services and technologies. However, winning political support for these kinds of actions will require an expansive vision of the potential benefits rather than costs of the low carbon transition, for developing and developed countries alike.

This meeting is the final conference of a two-year Chatham House Project supported by DFID on Trade, Financing and Climate Change: Towards a Positive Agenda for Developing Countries.

Attendance is strictly by invitation only.