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The UK, the US and Europe

21 April 2010 - 00:00 to 23:00

Chatham House, London


Professor Anand Menon, Director of the European Research Institute and Professor of West European Politics, Birmingham University; Associate Fellow, Europe Programme, Chatham House
Chair: Dr Robin Niblett, Director, Chatham House



The UK's international role has been defined ever since 1945 in the context of its position as a privileged member of the transatlantic community. The first year of the Obama Presidency saw a proliferation of US diplomatic initiatives across the world - towards China, Russia, Iran, Turkey and the Middle East peace process, among others - in which the UK appears to play a less than central role. While close UK-US cooperation in Afghanistan underscores a continuing Anglo-American special military relationship, the emergence of an ever more multipolar world exposes the future limits of Britain's close alliance with the United States. At the same time, the UK's ambivalent relationship with the EU and its European partners constrains the development of an alternative path to international influence.

As the UK looks to deal with these recent strategic challenges and developments, future policies and investments must reflect an objective and critical assessment of the future of the transatlantic partnership, of UK relations with the United States, and of the European Union's global ambitions and potential.

The working group forms part of the project on Rethinking the UK's International Ambitions and Choices.

Attendance is strictly by invitation only.

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