Past event

European Security and Defence: A New European Security Architecture?

Chatham House, London

European Security and Defence Forum


This workshop will be the fourth in the series on European security and defence policy and will seek to discuss whether a new European security architecture is required to meet a growing and increasingly diverse range of threats and changing realities. With the accession of new states to the European Union, and the prominence of Russia and Turkey in the region, how should European institutions and structures adapt and respond? Moreover, as awareness grows about new security challenges such as energy insecurity, cyber attacks and domestic instability, how can states work together more effectively to mitigate risk and promote security and stability in the region?

Young academics and professionals were invited to present papers at the event. A selection can be found below.

European Security and Defence Forum.

Event documents

Paper - 'Arctic Meltdown and EU Security: Challenges and Opportunities', Shakti Prasad Srichandan
pdf | 241.86 KB
Paper - 'Considering a European Soft Grand Strategy', István Balogh
pdf | 151.86 KB
Paper - 'Cyber Security: European Strategies and Prospects for Global Cooperation', Marco Davì
pdf | 155.86 KB
Paper - 'EU Neighbourhood Policies for Security, Defence and Conflict Prevention', Dr Bernardo Venturi
pdf | 128.43 KB
Paper - 'New Perspectives for Peacebuilding in the South Caucasus?', Dr Burcu Gültekin Punsmann
pdf | 134.69 KB
Paper - 'The EU as a Force for Stability in Space', Valerio Briani
pdf | 104.55 KB
Paper - 'The Militarization of Energy: A Sustainable Challenge for the EU?', Nicolò Sartori
pdf | 158.46 KB
Workshop Summary - A New European Security Architecture?
pdf | 222.17 KB