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International Affairs: What Does the Future Hold?

30 November 2010 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Chatham House, London


Dr Richard Haass, President, Council on Foreign Relations (via video link)
Dr Robin Niblett, Director, Chatham House
Chair: Robin Lustig, The World Tonight, BBC Radio 4



In 1919, British and American delegates to the Paris Peace Conference conceived the idea of an Anglo-American Institute of foreign affairs to study international problems with a view to preventing future wars. In the event, the British Institute of International Affairs was founded in London in July 1920 and received its Royal Charter in 1926 to become the Royal Institute of International Affairs. American delegates developed the Council on Foreign Relations in New York as a sister institute and both are now among the world's leading international affairs think-tanks.

This special members event to mark the founding of the Chatham House in 1920 will assess how both Chatham House and the Council on Foreign Relations have evolved over the past 90 years in order to live up to the goals of their founders. Dr Haass and Dr Niblett will also discuss the key themes of international affairs for the future that are driving the two institutes' current research agendas.

This meeting will be followed by an open reception.

"A Library Without Walls" Showcase

The Library will be open both before the event from 17.00-18.00 and afterwards from 19.00-20.00 showcasing our latest member benefit "A Library Without Walls". This is our newly created online archive which comprises the transcripts of all speeches given at Chatham House from 1920 to 1965.

There will be demonstrations on how to navigate and use the database and some of the original transcripts will be on display, including speeches given by Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi and Lionel Curtis (Chatham House Founder). There is no need to register for this, please feel free to visit the library during any of the times stated above.

This archive was made possible through donations given to the 2009-10 Annual Fund.