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National Congress Party Perspectives on the Sudan Referendum and Abyei

17 January 2011 - 15:00 to 16:30

Chatham House, London


Dr Ibrahim Ghandour, National Congress Party MP and Head, Political Department of the NCP, Sudan
Ambassador Al Dirdeery Mohamed Ahmed, Chief Government Negotiator on Abyei, Sudan
Chair: Martin Plaut, BBC



The referendum on the future of Southern Sudan has focused international attention in recent days. However, with the focus on Juba there has been less consideration of what the referendum means for the rest of Sudan and how it is perceived in the North.

Dr Ghandour, who has led National Congress Party negotiations on the future of the relationship between North and South Sudan, will offer his thoughts on the referendum and its future consequences.

The Abyei referendum should have taken place at the same time as the Southern vote, however it was delayed and there is as yet no date set. Ambassador Ahmed has been the Government of Sudan's chief negotiator on this issue and is particularly well placed to comment on developments in this area.

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