The Soviet and Russian Military-Industrial Complex

21 February 2011 - 11:00am to 12:30pm

Chatham House, London


Irina Bystrova, Institute of Russian History, Russian Academy of Sciences
Julian Cooper, Associate Fellow, Russia and Eurasia Programme, Chatham House and Professor, University of Birmingham



Recent research in archives formerly closed to the public has revealed the structure, scale and scope of the Soviet military-industrial complex. Professor Bystrova will discuss recent findings, and some of the personalities involved in the Soviet military-industrial complex. Professor Cooper will discuss the current state of the Russian defence industry, and the impact of Russia's military reform and the economic crisis on state procurement and the defence sector.

Irina Bystrova is a Leading Research Fellow at the Institute of Russian History, Russian Academy of Sciences and Professor at the Russian State University for the Humanities. Her books include The Cold War in 1945-1960: Tokyo, Moscow, Washington (2009), and The Soviet Military-Industrial Complex in the 1930s - 1980s (2006).

Julian Cooper is an Associate Fellow of the Russia and Eurasia Programme, and Professor of Russian Economic Studies at the Centre for Russian and East European Studies of the University of Birmingham. He is also Co-Director of the Centre for East European Language Based Area Studies (CEELBAS).

Attendance is by invitation only.

For more information please contact Alex Nice.