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The Eurozone's Fight for Survival

27 September 2011 - 9:00am to 10:00am

Chatham House, London


Professor Iain Begg, Associate Fellow, Europe Programme, Chatham House
Xenia Dormandy, Senior Fellow, US International Role, Chatham House
Dr Matthew Goodwin, Associate Fellow, Europe, Chatham House
Dr Paola Subacchi, Research Director, International Economics, Chatham House
Chair: Dr Robin Niblett, Director, Chatham House



The response to the current crisis will establish the future of the eurozone. At the extreme, a failure to contain market fears around the eurocrisis threatens not only the European recovery, but could destabilise the entire global economy. As the G20 gears back into a ‘crisis committee’ environment, the political and constitutional barriers to resolving the eurocrisis remain substantial, even as the potential economic of a further financial crisis becomes more widely understood.

This event will bring together Chatham House experts to discuss what is at stake, what roles can be played by leading economies inside and outside the eurozone. The panel will address key issues around the future governance of the monetary union and political power within Europe, and how international cooperation to avert the collapse of the euro may affect the transatlantic and Chinese political relationship with Europe.

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